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Ami-chan Electronic Granddaughter Doll

Interactive speaking companion toy

€ 341

Facing the issue of an aging population, the Japanese try their best to keep their elderly active, engaged, and happy - and the Ami-chan Electronic Granddaughter Doll is a great way to achieve just that. She might look like a regular doll but in her head lives a micro-computer than allows Ami-chan to communicate like a real child, offering its adoptive "grandparents" the opportunity to keep their mind sharp through nursery rhymes, songs, tongue twisters, and more. And it isn't just for seniors either: Ami-chan can keep children company too!

The Ami-chan Electronic Granddaughter Doll responds to sounds and also movement and touch: if you shake her hand, take her in your arms, hug her, or pat her on the back, she reacts. Depending on the time of the day, her reaction is different. Her repertory consists of 1,600 verbal responses (in Japanese) which means that engaging with her is never boring or repetitive. The ways she interacts is not only verbal: her eyes move too, changing her expression and making communication even more full and sophisticated. Get to know her (she will learn your name and recognize you!) and she will become your best friend - or even your beloved new granddaughter!

Specs and Features:

  • Over 1,600 verbal responses to sounds, talk, or gestures
  • Able to recognize faces and combine them with names
  • Able to sing 40 nursery rhymes and children songs
  • Able to recite 35 tongue twisters
  • Batteries: 4 x C-type alkaline batteries
  • Package dimensions: 260 x 330 x 230 mm (10 x 12.9 x 9")
  • Language: Japanese
€ 341

€ 341