Wonderful PreCure! Pretty Holic Pretty Up Lip

Pretty Cure anime makeup

Makeup and beauty accessories play a big role in magical girl manga and anime, the genre that became famous with Sailor Moon. Wonderful PreCure! is no exception: in Animal Town, where humans and animals live together, there's the Pretty Holic store that sells cosmetics and makeup products. Since 2021 when it appeared, at least one Cure always has a relationship with it. If you're a fan of the franchise and have dreamed of owning an item from the store, you now can with the Wonderful PreCure! Pretty Holic Lipstick!

The Wonderful PreCure! Pretty Holic Lipstick is actually a series of lipsticks in four amazing colors: Cure Nyammy's pink, Cure Friendy's clear pink, Cure Wonderful's coral, and Cure Lillian's clear emerald. They all come in beautiful containers decorated in the style of the Wonderful PreCure! franchise with a tiny figure of a dog or cat on top of the cap, and have all been made for children's skin for peace of mind. When your kids are done playing, they can be easily removed by water and soap.

Specs and Features:

  • Official Wonderful PreCure! Pretty Cure merchandise
  • Options: Cure Lillian, Cure Wonderful, Cure Friendy, Cure Nyammy
  • Designed for children's skin
  • Removal: water and/or soap
  • For ages 6 and over
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