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Taxi Walker Pedometer

While ordinary pedometers only cover the fitness angle, the Taxi Walker Pedometer from Happinet tells you not just how many calories you’ve burned at the end of a journey, but also how much money a taxi ride for the same distance would have cost you.

Taxi Walker Pedometer

As much series as it is fun, the Taxi Walker’s display mimics a real taxi meter, while the design evokes the iconic checkered cab. The authentic touches don’t end there: this inventive pedometer uses actual taxi rate calculation and can be adjusted for different regions, as fares differ across Japan. The fare steps up every 50 steps and the display offers you a countdown of how many steps you have to go — just in case you want to make like a real taxi driver and take that extra step to up the charge. An optional sound will alert you to each fare increase.

Taxi Walker Pedometer

There are also fun modes to play around with, such as “highway mode” and “long-haul mode,” as journey of these sorts would be calculated differently, and a seven-day memory capacity for charting your progress over the week. The Taxi Walker Pedometer proved a hit product even before its release, appearing on all of Japan’s top gadget blogs.

Taxi Walker Pedometer features:

• Size: 40 x 60 x 15mm (1.6 x 2.4 x 0.6in)
• Colors: yellow, orange, white, black
• Battery: 1 LR44 button battery (included)
• User’s manual and display: Japanese only

Peso de envío: 0.3Kg / 0.66lbs
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