Table Beer Hour Foamy Head Server

Home beer froth generator

Japanese people like a head on their beer. All beers are poured with a refreshing foam on the top, but the Beer Hour series means that this creamy experience is no longer limited just to bars and restaurants. Now even with a can of beer you at home can recreate the same from-the-pump sensation. The Table Beer Hour Foamy Head Server is compatible with a range of can sizes and is the latest in the series. Just slide in the foaming unit into the mouth of beer can and then slot both upside down into the top of the dispenser. Then you are ready to adjust the height of the server to your glass and pull the lever to start pouring your foamy beer. You may never go out for a beer again!

Table Beer Hour Foamy Head Server

The Table Beer Hour Foamy Head Server features:

  • Color: yellow, black
  • Fits cans 350-500ml (12-17 fl oz)
  • Power: AA batteries x 2
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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