Sushi Beat Music Instruments

Electronic music gadgets

From music gadgets maestros Maywa Denki comes the Sushi Beat. It looks like a set of sushi in matchbox-type packaging, but these are actually mini musical instruments with which you can play a range of sounds, including bass guitar, drum, and two sorts of synthesizers. Like the best kind of gadgets, these are simple to use but still allow for your creativity. Press down on the "sushi" part and cover with your hand, releasing your palm to change the sound volume. And if you're feeling ambitious, try playing all four Sushi Beat electronic instruments like an ensemble!

Specs and Features:

  • Electronic music gadgets/instruments
  • You can play Maywa Denki's song "Sushi Go!"
  • 4 types of "sushi" (shrimp, egg, tuna, squid)
  • Shrimp: bass guitar
  • Egg: drum
  • Tuna: alpe synthesizer
  • Squid: atmo synthesizer
  • Instruments/manual: Japanese
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