Strongest King Battle Picture Book and Pencil Case Set

Popular educational book and school accessory

The Strongest King series of picture books have been very popular among Japanese children for years. Their pages feature creatures of all kinds, real and imaginary, fighting until the strongest survives. Even if you don't read Japanese, the images alone are amazing! With the Strongest King Battle Picture Book and Pencil Case Set you get a "best of" version featuring 222 creatures/characters from the series, as well as a unique kit that will make your children the talk of their class at school!

The pencil case has two built-in pencil sharpeners and the set also comes with a hexagonal pencil and a ruler, all illustrated with fantastic images from the Strongest King series. In addition, the set contains a sheet of stickers with various creatures that your children can use to decorate their notebooks or to actually fight using the paper craft sumo ring that comes with the book. Hours of fun and education and a glimpse at how they are combined to help children in Japan learn!

Specs and Features:

  • 222 characters from nature and fantasy
  • Magazine-style book with stationery set
  • Pencil case with 2 built-in pencil sharpeners, ruler, and hexagonal pencil
  • Comes with stickers that can be used with paper craft sumo ring (included)
  • Pages: 32
  • Language: Japanese
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