Soladey Toothbrush Heads (Pack of 4)

Replacement heads for ionic toothbrush

The Soladey series of toothbrushes has been a game-changer in Japanese oral hygiene since the 1980s when Osaka-based Shiken patented photoelectrochemical reaction technology: using light to create positive and negative ions through the miniature solar panels on the brush bristles, and then using those ions to better fight the bacteria that build dental plaque. Even before that, though, Soladey brushes were famous for allowing you to exchange heads and this is something that continues to this day with the Soladey Toothbrush Heads!

The Soladey Toothbrush Heads are for your Soladey toothbrushes. You can choose between three types (soft, regular, and extra fine bristles made of a special polyester resin), depending on what feels best for your oral hygiene routine. Each toothbrush head has four rows of bristles in a wide array to make brushing more comfortable and all brushes are 20 mm (0.8") long for better reach, even to the back teeth. Using the standard Soladey attachment, they are suitable for a variety of models and with four brushes per pack, you won't have to worry about new toothbrushes for a long time!

Specs and Features:

  • Pack of 4 brushes
  • Compatible with Soladey toothbrushes
  • Options: extra fine, regular, soft
  • Bristle rows: 4 (wide)
  • Brush length: 20 mm (0.8")
  • Bristle materials: nylon (regular, soft), polyester resin (extra fine)
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