Ramen and Soba Noodles Ballpoint Pen

Food-themed stationery

When their bowl of ramen or soba noodles arrives, Japanese people invariably fish some out with their chopsticks and move them up and down to cool the noodles down before putting them in their mouth. This movement is so characteristic that you can often even see it reproduced by a machine in front of ramen and soba restaurants all over Japan as a way to draw customers in. And with the Ramen and Soba Noodles Ballpoint Pen, you can bring this everyday aspect of dining right to your desk, letting everyone know you love your noodles!

The Ramen and Soba Noodles Ballpoint Pen is 179 x 10 mm (7 x 0.4") and comes in two versions, ramen and soba, so you can choose the one that best matches your taste. The end cap is shaped like a pair of chopsticks holding the noodles coming out of a bowl. All the details are superbly rendered, from the egg in the ramen to the shrimp tempura in the soba. The body of the pen even has an inscription with the words "ramen" or "soba" written in Japanese and English!

Specs and Features:

  • Option: ramen, soba
  • Dimensions: 179 x 10 mm (7 x 0.4")
  • Materials: ABS, PVC
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