Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

Disaster protection suit for animals

Longtime pets feel like part of the family, but in times of crisis, they can get skittish and hard to manage, endangering themselves and their owners. You can stop worrying, though, because the brand-new Pet Evacuation Jacket is here to get you and your pet to safety in fires, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

Made from the same material used by Japan's world-class firefighters, this flame-retardant suit protects from heat while adding a carrying handle for controlling and transporting frantic pets. It's not just for your furry friend, though- pockets on the side of the jacket hold emergency tools and supplies for pet and owner alike. With rugged hardware, professional-grade materials, and rapid velcro closure, it's one less thing to think about in emergency situations.

Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

The Pet Evacuation Jacket features:

  • Japan Firefighting Association-certified flame-retardant jacket
  • Materials: polyester (base cloth), polyurethane (outer shell), fireproof acrylic (lining)
  • Heavy-duty carry handle, and double-duty strap/leash
  • Pet supplies: food bowl, muzzle, hermetically sealed odor control bag (for any items distressing the pet), protective rain hood and rubber booties, freezer gel paks (to control heat), bell, waterproof ID capsule with blank paper
  • Human/pet supplies: 50mL sealed water packs for drinking or disinfecting, nutrition bars, bandages, aromatic oil (for calming panic), first-aid gloves, mini-radio, emergency whistle
  • Number of water packs and energy bars vary; see size chart for details
  • Manual: Japanese, but self-explanatory

Size Chart (cm):

Type 01 02 03
Height 37 31 27
Waist 54-67 44-56 38-46
Neck (circumference) 33-45 27-35 24-29
Weight 450 400 360
Water packs/energy bars 6/3 3/2 2/1
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