Otona no Kagaku Mini Theremin Kit

DIY electronic musical instrument

Being the birthplace of some of the world's best synthesizers since the 1970s, it is only natural that the Japanese would appreciate a classic instrument like the theremin. Invented in 1919 by a Soviet physicist called Leon Theremin and with a unique interface where players move their hands over two antennas, it was mostly used for sound effects in old-school horror films until it became popular among 1960s psychedelic groups. The Otona no Kagaku Mini Theremin Kit is your way to relive electronic music's (pre)history with an instrument you can make with your own hands!

The Otona no Kagaku Mini Theremin Kit contains all the parts you need to make your own mini theremin (the only thing you will need is a screwdriver, four AA batteries, and a few minutes). After that, you can fire it up and create amazing out-of-this-world sounds by moving your hands around. You don't even need an amplifier, since it comes with its own built-in speaker, although if you want, you can use its audio output jack to hook it up to a bigger system!

Specs and Features:

  • Easy to assemble with just a screwdriver
  • With internal speaker
  • Audio output jack for connecting to amplifier
  • Power: 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Comes with 24-page issue of Otona no Kagaku science magazine
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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