Origami Crane Branding Iron

For crafts and baked goods

Although it's best known because of the sad story of Hiroshima survivor Sadako Sasaki, oritsuru, or origami folded paper cranes, actually go back centuries in Japan as a symbol of longevity and happiness, especially when they come in strings of a thousand. The crane is usually the first shape people who take up origami paper-folding learn and this is why it is one of the favorites of Japanese craftsmen and bakers when they want to decorate their goods. And the Origami Crane Branding Iron is the tool to do it.

Origami Crane Branding Iron

Made of cast iron like the branding irons used by professional Japanese artisans, the Origami Crane Branding Iron is very easy to use. You just heat it on an open flame such as a gas burner and when it's hot enough to glow red, use it to stamp your cakes, other baked goods, or handicrafts. Simply press it on the surface you want, hold it there for a few seconds, and then you'll have something uniquely and unmistakably Japanese!

The Origami Crane Branding Iron features:

  • For food, clothes, crafts, and more
  • Handmade with cast iron
  • Print size: 22 x 15mm (0.8 x 0.5")
  • Made in Japan

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