Obuse Rakugan Higashi Gift Box

Dried Japanese confectionary set

Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionary) is as much a treat for the eye as it is for the palate. Higashi is a type of dried confectionary made from flavored rice flour, with molded and colored ones called rakugan. This Obuse Rakugan Higashi Gift Box is a classic Japanese sweet delight. The set of 60 beautiful pieces by Obusedo would make a perfect gift item, each wafer "tile" stamped with the special Kanji characters for "Obuse Rakugan". This style of rakugan higashi pays tribute to the origin of the gentle snack as pale blocks sprinkled with seeds to resemble geese (gan) in flight. Obusedo is located in Obuse, Nagano, famous for chestnuts, which have been used to make these rakugan.

Obuse Rakugan Higashi Gift Box

The Obuse Rakugan Higashi Gift Box features:

  • 60 pieces (rectangular)
  • Higashi (dried rice flour confectionary), rakugan style
  • Ingredients: sugar, chestnut syrup, red peas, starch
  • Plate not included
  • Expiration: 1 year

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