Niwaka Senbei Makeup Palette

Famous rice cracker-shaped eye shadow and eyelashes kit

Senbei are traditional rice crackers and they come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are mostly savory but some are sweet. Located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Niwaka Senbei Toundo's senbei are among the most popular in Japan, as you can tell from their fact that Toundo has been in business since 1906! The Niwaka Senbei Makeup Palette is an unconventional tribute to those famous crackers, here reimagined as set of fabulous eye and eyelash colors!

If the idea sounds surreal, there's a certain logic to it: Niwaka Senbei are shaped like the upper part of a sad face with drooping eyes and eyebrows, so the underlying message is that the Niwaka Senbei Makeup Palette helps make your face look radiant and happy! And the truth is that with the 10 different colors it contains and with two different brushes, you can transform your face in countless ways, from the most casual look to the most formal. And yes, the palette's case is also made to look like a Niwaka Senbei!

Specs and Features:

  • Collaboration between makeup artist Midori Taniguchi and historical Fukuoka sweets maker Toundo (est. 1906)
  • 10 different colors
  • 2 brushes: 1 double brush for eyes, 1 for eyelashes
  • Comes with 8-page A4 booklet
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