MKeLIFE Electric Kettle TK-G10

Multipurpose water heater

The MKeLIFE Electric Kettle TK-G10 is one more proof that the spirit of kaizen (continuous improvement of a product) is alive and well in Japan! You would think that there isn't much to improve in a kettle – it is, after all, just a pot you use to boil water in. But when you are as fussy about the flavor of tea as the Japanese, you will tweak and tinker this and that to make even such a simple appliance even better. Starting with the looks – the great design and two colors (black and white) – and moving on to functionality.

With nine different temperature settings, ranging from 40°C (104°F) to 100°C (212°F), the MKeLIFE Electric Kettle TK-G10 adjusts and adapts to anything you want to prepare and keep warm, from instant noodles to baby formula and tea. Its pot is made using a special double structure with glass on the inside and polycarbonate on the outside, so you can touch it safely even when boiling, and it even has a function for removing the smell of chlorine often found in tap water. Get ready for the best tea or instant coffee you have ever tasted with this amazing kettle!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: black, white
  • Chlorine smell-removal function
  • Heating-when-empty-prevention function
  • Double glass-polycarbonate structure to prevent burns
  • Operating voltage: AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 900 W
  • Power cord length: approx. 1.1 m (3.6 ft)
  • 9 temperature settings: 40°C (104°F), 50°C (122°F), 60°C (140°F), 70°C (158°F), 80°C (176°F), 85°C (185°F), 90°C (194°F), 95°C (203°F), 100°C (212°F)
  • Capacity: 1 l (34 fl oz)
  • Minimum capacity: 0.5 l (17 fl oz)
  • Materials: borosilicate glass, polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS resin, stainless steel
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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