Lotte Gear Sports Gum

Chewing gum for baseball and other sport

It might be because it's supposed to help you concentrate and focus. Or it might be because it keeps your mouth hydrated, a necessity if you are playing out in the sun. Or it might be a continuation of the tradition of the early players who chewed tobacco. Whatever the reason, baseball players chew gum a lot and everyone knows that gum, after a couple of minutes of chewing, loses its flavor and becomes soft. Unless it is the Lotte Gear Sports Gum, that is: Lotte's new gum that keeps its texture longer than regular gum!

Baseball is Japan's most popular sport so there are a lot of players, professional and amateur, for whom this is exactly what they were looking for: a gum that stays chewy and tastes good for longer. It comes in two great flavors, Power Cola and Power Lemon, and each pack contains ten pellets, with very few calories (just 32-33 for the whole bag) and zero fat and sugar. You are going to love this gum – even if you're not a pitcher for the Yomiuri Giants!

Specs and Features:

  • Types: Standard, Strong
  • Standard flavor: Power Lemon
  • Strong flavor: Power Cola
  • Weight: 21 g (0.7 oz)
  • Pellets/pack: 10
  • Power Cola ingredients: maltitol, vegetable fats, oolong tea extract gum base, sweetener, caramel color, etc.
  • Power Lemon ingredients: maltitol, vegetable fats, oolong tea extract gum base, sweetener, vitamin C, safflower color, etc.
  • Energy per 1 bag (21 g): 32-33 kcal
  • Protein per 1 bag (21 g): 0.1 g
  • Fat per 1 bag (21 g): 0 g
  • Carbohydrates per 1 bag (21 g): 13-13.2 g
  • Sugar per 1 bag (21 g): 0 g
  • Salt equivalent per 1 bag (21 g): 0.003 g
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