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Liftarna Charcoal Face Wash Powder

Reinvigorating skin scrub

Give your pores the extra care they deserve with this Liftarna Charcoal Face Wash Powder. This bag of 32 packets will help improve your skin when used by washing your face with the powder. Your pores will feel deeply refreshed after you use the powder, which features charcoal, artichoke extract and double enzymes. Reinvigorate your skin and give it a younger feel simply by daily washing with the the face scrub. And it's easy to use even with wet hands, as each packet features a no-slip design that makes it super simple to open and use.

Liftarna Charcoal Face Wash Powder

The Liftarna Charcoal Face Wash Powder features:

  • 32 packs (use one per session)
  • 0.4 grams of powder per packet
  • Features charcoal and artichoke extract
  • No-slip cut design for easy opening
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)
  • Made in Japan

Liftarna Charcoal Face Wash Powder
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