I Love Licca-chan Set

Dress-up doll with special outfit

Like her American predecessor, Barbie, who first appeared in 1959, the 1967-born Licca-chan has become way more than a toy: she is a piece of modern Japanese culture and postwar history. even if you are not a collector of dolls, if you love all things Japan you owe it you yourself to have at least one. And the I Love Licca-chan Set is a great first choice because it is about as quintessentially Licca-chan as Licca-chan gets!

This is Licca-chan in all her blonde glory. What makes this particular incarnation worthy is the outfit: a white and pink dress with white lace and black bow-tie touches around the waist and chest, and with heart and "Licca" pattern decorations on the skirt. With it come a pair of white ankle socks, a pair of black shoes, and a hairband with a pink bow. This is an outfit that truly says "I love Licca."

Specs and Features:

  • Includes Licca-chan doll, dress, socks, shoes, headband, earrings, underwear
  • For ages: 3 and over
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