HONO electric Candle LED light

Strike the match and blow it out…the LED Magic Candle from Metaphys looks like it has a real flame in the tube, but it’s really an LED light that flickers in the wind, just like the real thing. Designed by Chiaki Murata, the HONO candle is stylish and modern.

The HONO candle has an internal battery that easily charges on the base and makes it completely portable! Light the candle by using the match with an internal sensor. No buttons at all! When you’re finished, just blow the light out, and it flickers as you blow.

HONO electric Candle LED light

Included in delivery:

• HONO Candle
• match
• wall mount
• battery
• stand
• A/C adapter


• Size: w16 h270 d16mm
• Battery: Included and chargeable via A/C adapter

HONO electric Candle LED light

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