Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Underwear

Manga and anime-themed boxer briefs

At first, readers thought he was a demon and the reincarnation of King Piccolo but later on found out that Piccolo (Ma Junior) is extraterrestrial, comes from the planet Namek, and together with Kami and King Piccolo, belong to the Dragon Clan that created the first Dragon Balls. Piccolo became important enough to get a whole saga named after him (the Piccolo Jr. Saga) and even some cool products featuring him – like the Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Underwear!

Featuring a close-up portrait of Piccolo on the back and a full-body image in an action pose on the front, accompanied by the character's name in English and Japanese, the Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Underwear is a pair of boxer briefs available in three sizes (M, L, and LL). The images have been printed on its 65% polyester, 25% nylon, and 10% polyurethane fabric using a method called transfer printing to ensure incredible detail. Being an officially licensed Dragon Ball Z item, you know Piccolo will look as good on this underwear as he does in the manga or anime!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Dragon Ball Z merchandise
  • Closed front
  • Transfer print
  • Sizes: M, L, LL
  • Waist (M): 76-84 cm (29.9-33")
  • Waist (L): 84-94 cm (33-37")
  • Waist (LL): 94-104 cm (37-40.9")
  • Material (body): polyester 65%, nylon 25%, polyurethane 10%
  • Material (waist band): nylon 90%, polyurethane 10%
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