Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Frieza Fourth Form Underwear

Manga and anime-themed boxer shorts

Fans of Dragon Ball seem to agree: although he appeared rather late in the series, Frieza, the extremely powerful emperor of Universe 7, is the most iconic villain of the franchise and has developed a following of his own. One thing that makes him so exciting is his various transformations, among which the fourth is considered to be his original form. So it's little wonder that the designers decided this would be the image they would use for the Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Frieza Fourth Form Underwear!

Like other items by the same brand, the Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Frieza Fourth Form Underwear features a striking illustration of Dragon Ball Z's evil genius. Actually two, since you get a head and torso portrait of him on the back and one of his full body with his name in Japanese and English on the front. You can get the boxer briefs in three standard sizes (M, L, LL) with waist starting at 76 cm (29.9") and going up to 104 cm (40.9"), and the underwear is made from a strong polyester, nylon, and polyurethane blend!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Dragon Ball Z merchandise
  • Closed front
  • Transfer print
  • Sizes: M, L, LL
  • Waist (M): 76-84 cm (29.9-33")
  • Waist (L): 84-94 cm (33-37")
  • Waist (LL): 94-104 cm (37-40.9")
  • Material (body): polyester 65%, nylon 25%, polyurethane 10%
  • Material (waist band): nylon 90%, polyurethane 10%
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