Gumipple Lab Fishing Gummies Kit

Gummy candy sea creature-making set

There is a reason why gummy candy is popular all over the world: kids love the squiggliness, slippery texture, and countless colors gummies comes in. The Gumipple Lab Fishing Gummies Kit lets you take fun with gummies to another level by creating your own figures and even learning a thing or two about Japanese culture, especially when it comes to fish. All you will need to add is some juice and regular food gelatin that you can get in any grocery store!

The Gumipple Lab Fishing Gummies Kit contains beakers, a mixer and molds for 19 different gummy sea species, including fish, octopuses, and shells. Just mix your juice and gelatin, pour them in the molds, and leave them in the refrigerator to harden. After that, you can use them to decorate drinks or desserts, or play fishing, goldfish sweeping (a classic game in summer fairs and festivals in Japan), or tuna dissection games: the set even contains a small knife so you can cut the fish like a real sushi chef!

Specs and Features:

  • Fish and sea species theme
  • Contains 3 molds for 19 different figures, 2 beakers, mixer, base, accessories for dissecting and fishing games
  • Gelatin and juice not included
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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