Green House Salt Water Powered LED Lantern

Eco emergency light lamp GH-LED10WBW

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No batteries or regular electricity for this nifty eco gadget! Green House's Salt Water LED Lantern doesn't need power in the old conventional way, instead using salt water and a special power rode to give 55 lumens of illumination thanks to 10 LED lights.

Green House Salt Water Powered LED Lantern

The lamp is really just powered by 350 cc of salty water, which you only need to replenish every eight hours. The science is not only super clever (combining two electrodes, a magnesium rode [-] and carbon rod [+]) but also super ecologically friendly too, and great for emergencies when regular batteries or power supplies may not be to hand.

Green House Salt Water Powered LED Lantern

Its handle makes it very practical and mobile, as does its light weight and included USB cable to easily power your own devices. Even sea water is okay -- meaning this is the ideal lamp for taking on vacation!

The Green House Salt Water LED Lantern features:

  • GH-LED10WBW lamp by Green House
  • Lights: 10 LED
  • Lasts 8 hours on single charge of salt water (after use, please dispose of water)
  • Brightness: 55 lumens
  • Power: 350cc of salt water (3-5% salinity, 16g / 0.6 oz of salt)
  • Change rodes every 120 hours
  • Size: 210 x 113 x 28mm (8.3 x 4.4 x 9")
  • Weight: 680g (24 oz)
  • Power generation: DC1.5V, LED DC3V
  • Recharge power: DC4.5V
  • Includes USB cable, handle, mounting hole, water supply pack
  • Instructions: Japanese only

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