Gacha Capsule Toy Vending Machine Handle

Capsule toy machine part

The very existence of the Gacha Capsule Toy Vending Machine Handle series is a proof that the machines that dispense small capsules with toys for a small amount of money have become one of the most prevailing aspects of Japanese culture. If you have been to Japan, you already know that they are from the fact that from the rows upon rows of them you find everywhere. This series is your opportunity to own a part of these machines and have it always with you as a charm on your bag.

There are five color options: white, navy, yellow, pink, and green. Even though these handles are toys, they are as big as the ones on the actual Gacha 2Ez machines (approx. 60 mm / 2.4") and mounted on a plate so you can turn them, which makes the characteristic "gacha" sound. Originally designed as capsule toy vending machine items themselves, these handle replicas are now available to all fans!

Specs and Features:

  • Replica of the Gacha 2Ez handle
  • Makes real gacha capsule toy vending machine sound when turned
  • Colors: white, navy, yellow, pink, green
  • Length: approx. 60 mm (2.4")
  • Material: ABS, PP
  • Comes with ball chain and Gacha 2Ez machine charm
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