Dog Wine Wan Wan Sparkling Pet Drink

Set of three chardonnay grape beverages

The Japanese love their pets, so much so that they dress them up in special clothes and even buy them exclusive cuisine that is more expensive than regular food. One interesting trend we've noticed has been Dog Wine. Of course, this is NOT alcoholic. Your pooch won't be getting drunk from this sparkling drink. But it does mean you can enjoy a meal together with your dog, who won't feel left out when you make a toast.

Dog Wine Wan Wan Sparkling Pet Drink

This is a set of three bottles, with a chardonnay grape flavor so your dog and you can enjoy a similar dining experience. So raise your glass with your pet: "Kanpai!"

The Dog Wine Wan Wan Sparkling Pet Drink features:

  • Set of THREE bottles
  • 330ml (11.2 fl oz)
  • No alcohol
  • Grape flavor
  • Includes vitamin C
  • Made in Japan

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