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Deoest Anti-Odor Women's Vest

Deodorizing cooling undershirt for women

This Deoest Anti-Odor Women's Vest is part of the Deoest series of deodorizing clothing that will keep you cool and dry even in the hot months of the year. It includes sweat pads in the armpits to protect against unwanted visible perspiration, while the stitching makes the vest easy to move in and for the materials to breath.

Deoest Anti-Odor Womens Vest

Available in two colors (black or beige), and a range of sizes, this is comfortable and smart-looking clothing that will cut down on odor and sweat on a hot day.

The Deoest Anti-Odor Women's Vest features:

  • Color: black, beige
  • Size: M, L, LL
  • M size (chest): 80-86cm (32-34")
  • L size (chest): 86-92cm (34-36")
  • LL size (chest): 93-98cm (37-39")
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Materials: cupra 37%, cotton 33%, nylon 22%, polyurethane 8%

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