Converse All Star Tamagotchi Hi

Vintage digital pet design high-top sneakers

It would be fair to call the Converse All Star Tamagotchi Hi a meeting of pop culture legends. The Converse All Stars (Chuck Taylor All Stars) have been around almost a century before the Tamagotchi, the digital pets created by top Japanese toy maker Bandai, and their success is much more widespread. But with this union of the two brands has resulted in something, available in white or light blue and in 15 sizes (see below), that is bound to become another classic!

The shoes have a regular All Stars canvas body with a rubber outsole and cotton laces going through seven eyelets. But from there on, Converse All Star Tamagotchi Hi becomes a veritable showcase for all kinds of Tamagotchi visuals, including modifications to the ankle patches (different for each foot and for the inner and outer sides), Tamagotchi LCD screen reproductions on the tongues, and various graphics from the toy on the insole. If you're a fan, you'll love discovering them all over the shoes! And like any real collectible, they also come in a special Tamagotchi-themed and vividly illustrated box!

Specs and Features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Colors: white, blue
  • Sizes: 22 cm (US women's 5, EU 35), 22.5 cm (US women's 5.5, EU 36), 23 cm (US women's 6, EU 37), 23.5 cm (US women's 6.5, EU 38), 24 cm (US men's 6, US women's 7, EU 38), 24.5 cm (US men's 6.5, US women's 8.5, EU 39), 25 cm (US men's 7, US women's 9, EU 40), 25.5 cm (US men's 7.5, US women's 9.5, EU 40.5), 26 cm (US men's 8, US women's 9, EU 41), 26.5 cm (US 8, EU 42), 27 cm (US 8.5, EU 42.5), 27.5 cm (US 9, EU 43), 28 cm (US 9.5, EU 44), 29 cm (US 10.5, EU 45), 30 cm (US 11.5, EU 46.5)
  • Body of shoe: canvas
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Laces: cotton
  • Special Tamagotchi ankle patch (different on inside/outside and left/right)
  • Special Tamagotchi patch on the tongue
  • Special Tamagotchi illustration on the insole
  • Special Tamagotchi box
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