Cherry Blossom Branding Iron

Sakura crafts and food stamp

There are few images more recognizable in Japan that the cherry blossom tree's five-petal flower with the slight cut in the top of each petal. Even though the sakura (cherry blossom) season is only a few days in late March and early April, the pattern can always be found decorating everything from foodstuff to stationery, kimono and even swords. For many materials, the best way to add this quintessentially Japanese touch is with a tool like the Cherry Blossom Branding Iron.

Cherry Blossom Branding Iron

The craftsmen who created the Cherry Blossom Branding Iron are the same ones creating similar items for Japan's food industry. Their mark can literally be found on countless cakes and other sweets all over the country. This has to do with how easy they are to use: just heat the cast iron stamp on an open flame for a few seconds and when it becomes red, stamp the intended area for a few seconds and that's it. You have added a Japanese touch to anything you want!

The Cherry Blossom Branding Iron features:

  • Handmade with cast iron
  • Print size: 19 x 21mm (0.7 x 0.8")
  • Made in Japan

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