Be@rbrick Winter Landscape by Sesshu

Tokyo National Museum collaboration collectible figures

One of the reasons that Be@rbrick figures have gone beyond the domain of toys and entered the domain of investment is that MediCom, the company that came up with them, very soon started collaborating with artists to create unique pieces available only in limited numbers, giving the collectible bear figures a status similar to that of an artwork. And when the artists aren't around anymore, the collaboration can be with a museum – as in the case of the Be@rbrick Winter Landscape by Sesshu.

Working together with the Tokyo National Museum on the occasion of its 150th anniversary, MediCom designed a unique figure illustrated with one of the masterpieces of 15th-century Japanese painting: Winter Landscape by the Zen monk and painter Sesshu Toyo, a designated a National Treasure for Japan. So what you are getting in the two Be@rbrick Winter Landscape by Sesshu figures (a 100%, approximately 70 mm/2.8” tall and the 400%, approximately 280 mm/11” tall) is really an amazing work of black and white art –and an instant collectible!

Specs and Features:

  • Pair of Be@rbrick figures (100% and 400% versions)
  • Height: 100% approx. 70 mm (2.8"), 400% approx. 280 mm (11")
  • Illustrated with Sesshu Toyo's Winter Landscape (a designated National Treasure)
  • Limited edition in collaboration with the Tokyo National Museum for its 150th anniversary
  • Sesshu's seal and museum logo on back
  • Material: ABS
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