Bauhutte Gaming Arm Cover

Arm and elbow support for computer power users

Traditional sports fans make fun of esports and the people who play them but the truth is, gaming at this level is extremely demanding for both the machine and player. This is why there are special lines of products targeting this crowd: a keyboard or a mouse for a gamer is very different from what an office worker would have because the way they use them is so different. And if we're talking elite gaming, then there are even more specialized products, like the Bauhutte Gaming Arm Cover!

Designed to offer maximum support of your mouse hand, the Bauhutte Gaming Arm Cover is made of a special blend of polyester, polyurethane, and ethylene elastomer with a padded underside that not only gives more comfort to your hand but also better precision to your movements. It has an anti-slip wrist opening, and has undergone a unique process to absorb your sweat and dry fast. The stretchable cover is available in two sizes for arms that range from 25 cm (9.8”) to 34 cm (13.4") and comes from Japan's leading game equipment specialist, Bauhutte.

Specs and Features:

  • Sizes: M, L
  • Corresponding arm circumference (at bicep): M 25-29 cm (9.8-11.4"), L 29-34 cm (11.4-13.4")
  • Anti-slip wrist opening
  • Stretchy fabric for better fit
  • Sweat-absorbing, quick-drying
  • Washable
  • Materials: polyester, polyurethane, ethylene elastomer
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