ASIMO Robot Costume Suit

Honda robot full-size clothes

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If you're a fan of Honda's iconic mini robot ASIMO then you're gonna love this full size ASIMO Costume Suit, which allows you to "become" the robot! Learn how to walk like ASIMO and even fall over like him. Playing the world's most famous working robot will no doubt prove addictive and you may even find yourself unable to return to "normal" life!

ASIMO Robot Costume Suit

Whether it's a blind date, costume party or you're just looking to try out a new style, we reckon this complete ASIMO suit is surprisingly realistic and is possibly the most sophisticated piece of cosplay we have ever seen. It really is no exaggeration to say that this suit will change your life!

ASIMO Robot Costume Suit

The ASIMO Robot Costume Suit features:

  • Size: up to around 180cm (5.9 ft) in height (adult size)
  • Materials: urethane, polyurethane, PVC etc
  • Cannot be put on alone (needs help!)
  • Cannot be washed in washing machine
  • Includes head, body, hand/gloves, feet and leggings

ASIMO Robot Costume Suit
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