Akaishi Head Massager for Men

Head, neck and scalp massage device

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Japan's approach to beauty and healthcare products can be a little bit bizarre at times but you can't argue with the results. Another interesting and effective example is this Akaishi Head Massager, a flexible elastomer device with 234 stimulating points to give your head, scalp and neck a remarkable massage experience.

Akaishi Head Massager for Men

The varying sensations are deep and refreshing, and guaranteed to wake you up! It's also very easy to move around to different positions, giving you complete control over location and pressure. The makers recommend trying different spots, pressing down for three seconds three times in a row.

Akaishi Head Massager for Men

The Akaishi Head Massager features:

  • Color: black
  • Size: 8 x 73cm (3.1 x 28.7")
  • Made in Japan

Akaishi Head Massager for Men
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