Airweave Smart 02 Sleeping Mat

Sleeping posture-correction mattress supplement

When you belong to one of the world's most sleep-deprived population (the Japanese sleep about 45 minutes less than the world average), you go to great lengths to ensure that when you do get some shut-eye, you get the most of your, well, 7.25 hours. The number of special pillows, mattresses, and mats available on the Japanese market would make most Westerners stand in awe but some are ingeniously simple and amazingly effective. The Airweave Smart 02 Sleeping Mat is one such product and it really makes a difference to the quality of your slumber!

Half the secret behind the Airweave Smart 02 Sleeping Mat lies in its proprietary Air Fiber filling: it has excellent weight distribution so no parts of your body feel strained or tense, and doesn't trap the body and environment’s heat and humidity, meaning you don't feel stuffy in the summer. The other half, though, is where the ingenuity comes in: the filling has been distributed differently in the head and shoulders area, allowing for better alignment of the body. This way, your body feels much more relaxed and you can sleep easily and better!

Specs and Features:

  • Option: single, semi-double, double
  • Different thickness for the head and shoulder area
  • Washable cover
  • Single mat dimensions: 97 x 195 cm (3.2 x 6.4 ft)
  • Semi-double mat dimensions: 120 x 195 cm (3.9 x 6.4 ft)
  • Double mat dimensions: 140 x 195 cm (4.6 x 6.4 ft)
  • Thickness: approx. 4.5 cm (1.8"), Air Fiber part approx. 3.5 cm (1.4")
  • Weight: 5 kg (11 lb) (single), 6.5 kg (14.3 lb) (semi-double), 7.5 kg (16.5 lb) (double)
  • Materials: 55% polyester, 45% cotton (cover), 100% polyester (padding, lining), 100% polyethylene (Air Fiber filling)
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