Aderia Retro Mizutama Balloon Glasses

1970s-style vintage glassware set

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You don't need to have lived in Japan through what is called the Showa years, the period covering most of the 20th century but basically meaning the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, to appreciate the glassware in the Aderia Retro Mizutama Balloon Glasses: any one of the items from this beautiful set could have been on the living room table of families all over the world, featuring a style inspired by the pop culture of the 1960s. And in the case of Japan, Aderia/Ishizuka, the maker of this set, is one of the pioneers of glassware of this exact type!

The two 235 ml (7.9 fl oz) water glasses, 305 ml (10.3 fl oz) tumbler, and 360 ml (12.2 fl oz) bonbon jar in the Aderia Retro Mizutama Balloon Glasses set, though, all carry a 21st-century touch: the classic balloon design that Aderia first released in 1969 has been recreated (and enriched) by one of Japan's most famous contemporary illustrators (and social media star) Kazumi Tanabe, aka Mizutama. What you get here is not only a replica of the past but also a unique creation that combines the classic and the modern!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains: 2 water glasses, 1 tumbler with stem, 1 bonbon jar
  • Water glass capacity: 235 ml (7.9 fl oz)
  • Tumbler capacity: 305 ml (10.3 fl oz)
  • Jar capacity: 360 ml (12.2 fl oz)
  • Do not use in microwave oven and dishwasher
  • Illustration by Kazumi Tanabe (Mizutama)
  • Comes with special Mizutama-illustrated box and coasters
  • Made by historical Gifu Prefecture glassmaker company Aderia/Ishizuka
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