Zebra Mildliner Markers 35-Color Set

Soft-color double-tip highlighter pen pack

Their name says it all: Zebra's Mildliner markers are neither very wide nor very thin, but thanks to their double tip, they are both! You can achieve a line width of 4 mm (0.15") or 1-1.4 mm (0.04-0.05"), meaning you can use them for anything from school homework and office tasks to full-on art projects. But this isn't the best feature about the Zebra Mildliner Markers 35-Color Set. That's the amazing range of colors you get!

Yes, the Zebra Mildliner Markers 35-Color Set really does contain 35 markers: 25 standard and 10 brand new highlighters with imaginative names like Mild Soda Blue, Mild Baby Pink, and Mild Cream. The easily recognizable pattern is the other dimension of the "mild" in these water-soluble markers' name: all the hues are subdued and more comfortable on the eye than the chromatic starkness of regular highlighter markers. And this is exactly what makes them an excellent creative tool for everything from landscapes to manga!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: Mild Red, Mild Pink, Mild Orange, Mild Yellow, Mild Green, Mild Blue Green, Mild Blue, Mild Dark Blue, Mild Violet, Mild Gray, Mild Magenta, Mild Vermillion, Mild Gold, Mild Smoke Blue, Mild Brown, Mild Cyan, Mild Lemon Yellow, Mild Coral Pink, Mild Apricot, Mild Dark Gray, Mild Marigold, Mild Citrus Green, Mild Summer Green, Mild Lavender, Mild Fuchsia, Mild Soda Blue, Mild Sherbet Yellow, Mild Baby Pink, Mild Lilac, Mild Honey Orange, Mild Olive, Mild Cool Gray, Mild Beige, Mild Dusty Pink, Mild Cream
  • Line thickness: big tip, 4 mm (0.15"), small tip 1-1.4 mm (0.04-0.06")
  • Ink: water-soluble
  • Pen dimension: 11.5 x 141.5 mm (0.5 x 5.6")
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