Zakuro-kou Incense Set

Kishimojin child protection pomegranate fragrance offering

The Zakuro-kou Incense Set is an ideal gift for women, especially pregnant women or young mothers. The pomegranate-aroma incense is dedicated to Kishimojin, the Japanese Buddhist goddess for child-rearing and parenting. Burning these incense sticks is said to help you deliver your child safely. The incense is an offering to Kishimojin asking her to watch over your offspring. Kishimojin (sometimes called Kariteimo, or Hariti in Sanskrit) has over 500 of her own children and this set has been produced by Konzoji Temple on the island of Shikoku.

Zakuro-kou Incense Set

The Zakuro-kou Incense Set features:

  • Includes nine sticks and incense stand
  • By Konzoji Temple
  • Pomegranate aroma

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