YOLU Calm Night Repair Gel Hair Oil

Nighttime hair and body care beauty treatment

Just the promise of repairing hair that was been through the wringer of countless circles of washing and drying, and of countless hours of exposure to the sun's UV rays would be enough to make the YOLU Calm Night Repair Gel Hair Oil at least worth a try. The idea that it can do it during the night, allowing you to wake up to a completely rejuvenated look with hair moisturized and easy to brush and style makes this new, revolutionary oil indispensable!

The reason the YOLU Calm Night Repair Gel Hair Oil can do all it promises is a combination of chemistry and nature: mixing three different collagen proteins (hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed collagen PG propyl methylsilanediol, and isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen) with sunflower seed oil, Persian silk tree bark extract, and lotus flower extract, it can repair the hair from the cuticle to the end and moisturize down to its core. And the bonus? Not being silicone-based, it can also be used for hand, skin, and whole body care!

Specs and Features:

  • Fragrance: bergamot and cassis
  • Hair type: damaged
  • Weight: 80 ml (2.7 fl oz)
  • Contains: water, sunflower seed oil, cholesterol (wool), Persian silk tree bark extract, lotus flower extract, corn flower extract, glycerin, isomerized sugar, isostearoyl hydrolyzed silk, hydrogenated castor oil, etc.
  • No parabens, silicone, mineral oils, and synthetic coloring
  • Made in Japan
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