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Yaokin Umaibo Japanese Snacks Set

Classic corn stick party bag

Get a taste of the retro. The Yaokin Umaibo Set features fun bags packed with forty "delicious sticks" (umaibo), a classic small puffed corn snack that has been popular for decades. Fantastic for parties and as gifts for kids (young and old!), each bag will be full of surprises as you tear it open to reveal dozens more small "sticks" with varying flavors. This set contains two large bags, each of which includes 40 Umaibo snacks.

Yaokin Umaibo Japanese Snacks Set

The Yaokin Umaibo Japanese Snacks Set features:

  • Set of Umaibo corn snacks inside large bag x 2
  • Each bag contains 40 snacks!
  • Flavors: mixed

Versandgewicht: 1.8Kg / 3.96lbs
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