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X-Tag Smartphone Laser Gun

GPS-enabled real-world shooting game


The X-Tag Smartphone Laser Gun is compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to play first-person shooter and large-scale battle royale games with multiple weapons while crisscrossing the real and virtual worlds. Working like a sophisticated game of laser tag, your phone and the X-Tag light gun combine to allow for realistically interactive sessions of up to 64 players. Your phone shows you a radar screen displaying team mates and locations where you can replenish your in-game life/energy, obtain armor, boost your radar functions, or acquire useful grenades. The laser gun unit offers several types of firearm modes, including machine gun and rocket launcher.

X-Tag Smartphone Laser Gun
X-Tag Smartphone Laser Gun

X-Tag Smartphone Laser Gun

The X-Tag Smartphone Laser Gun features:

  • Up to 64 players
  • First-person shooter, team play, battle royale
  • Requires GPS-enabled smartphone
  • Compatible with smartphones with width of 58-85 mm (2.3-3.3") and 13 mm (0.5") or less in depth
  • Range: 50m (164 ft)
  • 360-degree light receptor
  • Customizable avatar and messaging
  • Ranking display
  • Power: AAA batteries x 4
  • Requires iOS/Android app (free, details TBA)
  • Recommended for ages 15 and above
  • Please exercise caution when playing outside
  • This is a special advance order: delivery expected in December 2019
  • Interface: Japanese
  • Instructions: Japanese