Unitroborn Unitrobohelicoptericecream

Transforming robot toy

Just the name Unitroborn Unitrobohelicoptericecream is enough to tell you that something surreal is happening here! This toy is based on a concept so groundbreaking, even by Japanese toy makers' standards, that it won the people behind it one the most prestigious prizes in the industry. What is the concept? A two-way transforming robot disguised as an everyday food item!

The first part of the Unitroborn Unitrobohelicoptericecream transformation is predictable, sort of: a helicopter becomes an 18 cm (7.3") four-legged robot with a touch of a Triceratops dinosaur, just as you would expect from a Japanese high-tech toy. But try moving its bits around in a different way and it can either turn back into a helicopter or a cup of ice cream, complete with chocolate toppings! Perfect for playing – or displaying together with the rest of your mecha toys and figures!

Specs and Features:

  • Can take 3 different shapes/forms: helicopter, ice cream, robot
  • Height: approx. 18 cm (7.3")
  • For ages 3 years and above
  • Winner of the 2022 Excellence Award in the Japan Toy Awards Action Toy category
  • Material: plastic
  • No batteries required
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