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Suve Body Brush Short Semi-hard

Badger hair kumano-fude designer grooming item

A superb gift idea for anyone who takes grooming seriously, the Suve Body Brush Short Semi-hard comes from one of Japan's premier brush makers. Mizuho Brush is one of the leading makers of kumano-fude, which are the traditionally manufactured brushes produced in Kumano in Aki District, Hiroshima. Crafted with badger hair, which has long been the mark of quality for brush bristles, the wooden handle is stylishly rendered walnut. Conveniently sized to fit the palm of your hand and with semi-hard bristles that can effectively scrub a range of places on the body, this is one of the most practical brushes in the lineup.

Suve Body Brush Short Semi-hard

The Suve Body Brush Short Semi-hard features:

  • Semi-hard brush
  • Brush bristle: badger hair
  • Handle: walnut
  • Use with warm water and soap
  • For everyday usage
  • Should last around 1 year with proper care and maintenance
  • Produced by kumano-fude brush maker Mizuho Brush

Suve Body Brush Short Semi-hard
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