Sushi Suitcase Cover

Japanese cuisine raw fish design

Back available again! The Sushi Suitcase Cover has returned with the second in the series that became a viral hit in 2014. Just put these covers on your suitcase and transform your baggage into mobile raw fish! Everyone in the airport will stop to stare.

Sushi Suitcase Cover

Suitcase covers are popular with Japanese consumers, who like to protect their luggage. There are three versions, each based on a different sushi dish: octopus, roe, or mackerel. The roe (ikura) is probably the most colorful (complete with cucumber), though the octopus (tako) and mackeral (saba) designs are also really striking.

Sushi Suitcase Cover

Even better, the baggage claim area will resemble a giant conveyor-belt sushi restaurant!

The Sushi Suitcase Cover features:

  • Versions: octopus, roe, mackerel
  • Size: around 425 x 300 x 640mm (16.7 x 11.8 x 25.2")
  • Fits 70-liter suitcase (medium)
  • Materials: polyester

Sushi Suitcase Cover
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