Steiff Samurai Teddy Bear

Traditional Japanese warrior plush toy

Every year, on May 5, Japanese families with boys take out Children's Day decorations to wish their male children a happy and healthy life (the same thing happens with girls on March 3, the Hina Matsuri or Dolls' Festival). Since Children's Day decorations are invariably samurai-themed, the Steiff Samurai Teddy Bear serves that function very well.

The crescent-moon kabuto helmet is the style made famous by Japan's most celebrated medieval general, Date Masamune. Even better, the Steiff Samurai Teddy Bear isn't just any teddy bear: as you can tell by the trademark pin on its left ear, it comes from the craftspeople of Steiff in Germany, who have been making these adorable bear toys since the late 19th century. Made of high-quality mohair fabric, this beautiful doll is a collectible that will stay with your family for decades!

Specs and Features:

  • Height: 24 cm (9.4")
  • Material: mohair
  • Surface washable
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