Soladey Gum Treatment

Gingivitis prevention gel and brush set

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It's a well known fact: taking care of your teeth is not enough. Half of the problems related to oral hygiene come from the gums and even though regular toothpastes promise to take care of them, in reality we need something more. And this is where Soladey, one of Japan's best-known makers of dental care products and creators of the famous ionic toothbrushes makes the difference: its Soladey Gum Treatment is a total gum care solution consisting of a special brush and a special gel.

Soladey Gum Treatment

The brush is special designed to make massaging your gums particularly easy even if they already in trouble. But Soladey Gum Treatment's real strength comes from the company's formula, a mix of natural herbal ingredients that will make your gums stronger and more resilient. Liquorice, aloe vera, green tea, spearmint and soapberry are just some of the gel's agents, each addressing a different aspect of gum care. Oh, and it will work miracles on your tongue, too!

Soladey Gum Treatment

The Soladey Gum Treatment features:

  • Gel active ingredients: allantoin/comfrey, dipotassium glycyrrhizate/liquorice
  • Gel lubricant ingredients: aloe vera, green tea extract
  • Gel tonic ingredients: spearmint oil, peppermint, clove oil (from buds and leaves)
  • Gel cleaning ingredient: soapberry extract
  • Gel pH regulation ingredient: trisodium citrate
  • Gel sweetening ingredient: maltol
  • No synthetic flavoring, coloring, sweetening, foaming, polishing agents or preservatives
  • No fluoride
  • Weight: 80g (2.8 oz)
  • Gum massaging brush (with cap)
  • Made in Japan

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