Soba Noodles DIY Japanese Food Sample Model

Kit for making your own fake food model

Japanese cuisine is iconic for more reasons, including its flavors, ingredients, and presentation. But there is another aspect of Japanese food culture that is world-famous: the models of the food that are often found in the windows of a restaurant, so you can instantly see what's on the menu. These sample models have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right with fans across the globe. Now the Soba Noodles DIY Japanese Food Sample Model allows you to recreate that culture in your own home, and also test your craft skills at the same time. The kit contains everything you need to build your own model of a bowl of Japanese soba buckwheat noodles, just like the ones decorating the windows of restaurants in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Specs and Features:

  • Kit for making your own Japanese food sample model
  • Medium-level difficulty
  • Includes: bowl (large, small), chopsticks (wooden), noodles (wax), ingredients (3 kinds; wax, etc.), soup (gelatine), glue, stand
  • Tools required: gloves, double-sided masking tape, scissors, disposal wooden chopsticks, hot water, heat-resistant bowl, cup (plastic)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese (but video available online)
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