Slim Walk Cool Leggings

Cooling compression legwear

The name Slim Walk Cool Leggings sounds like a contradiction in terms: leggings hug the lower part of the body tight, so how can they be cool? Common sense dictates that they should be worn in the winter to keep the legs warm, not in the summer. Wouldn't it be better if we didn't wear anything at all and let the skin on our thighs and calves sweat and breathe? That's all logical but the truth is that there's something special in these leggings that not only makes them perfect for summer use: it makes them essential!

The trick is a combination of variable compression and a unique fabric mixing nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, and polyester. Together, they make the Slim Walk Cool Leggings able to keep your lower body at a temperature four degrees lower than that of the environment for about 12 hours, while at the same time improving the flow of the blood and allowing you to feel less tired. These unique leggings come in two sizes (S-M and M-L) and feature support for the arches of your feet and your pelvis as well as an open-toe design, allowing you to wear them even with open-toe shoes!

Specs and Features:

  • Sizes: S-M, M-L
  • Color: light blue
  • Compression levels: 9/10 hPa (top of the thigh), 11 hPa (thigh), 16 hPa (calf), 21 hPa (ankle)
  • Cooling: -4°C lower than the environment
  • Cooling duration: approx. 12 hours
  • Foot arch and pelvis support
  • Open-toe design
  • Mesh knitting on the back of the knee
  • For heights: S-M 145-160 cm (4.7-5.2 ft), M-L 150-165 cm (4.9-5.4 ft)
  • Hips: S-M 80-93 cm (31.5-36.6"), M-L 85-98 cm (33.5-38.6")
  • Thighs: S-M 45-53 cm (17.7-20.9"), M-L 50-60 cm (19.7-23.6")
  • Calf: S-M 32-38 cm (12.6-15"), M-L 36-42 cm (14.2-16.5")
  • Ankle: S-M 19-23 cm (7.5-9"), M-L 21-25 cm (8.3-9.8")
  • Materials: nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, polyester
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