Shun Tokusen Japanese Seasons Incense Set

Five-fragrance assortment

There is a meaning behind the names of the five incense packs contained in the Shun Tokusen Japanese Seasons Incense Set and you need to be a little into the Japanese classics and their influence from the Chinese classics to apprecaite them: Seijun is spring, Shuka is summer, Hakushu is autumn, and Gento is winter, so every time you fire up one of the sticks (there are 20 per season), you are transported by the scent of the respective season. Oh, and as for Shun, it just means "season," because, as any Japanese person will tell you, Japan has only four seasons!

Each of the fragrances contained in the Shun Tokusen Japanese Seasons Incense Set comes individually wrapped in color paper and to help you use them immediately, they come with a boat-shaped burner made of simple, unglazed porcelain. The sticks are 70 mm (2.7") long, which means they burn for about 12 minutes. Start your own incense appreciation lab and see if you prefer the refreshing Shuka, the mellow Gento, or the gentle Hakushu that is said to bring to mind the mountains of Kyoto!

Specs and Features:

  • Fragrances: Seijun, Shuka, Hakushu, Gento, Shun
  • Sticks/fragrance: 20
  • Burn time: approx. 12 mins.
  • Stick length: 70 mm (2.7")
  • Comes with porcelain, boat-shaped burner
  • Comes in black wooden box
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