Rainbow Curls Licca-chan Starter Set

Hair-styling dress-up doll

When you are 55 years old, you need to reinvent yourself all the time, especially if you want to be around children with very short attention spans! Licca-chan, the Japanese dress-up doll that was Japan's answer to Barbie, has managed to do that amazingly well for her age, and the Rainbow Curls Licca-chan Starter Set is the most recent proof: her long purple hair isn't just beautiful but lets your children get creative by giving it any shape they want using the tools that come with the set!

The main feature of the Rainbow Curls Licca-chan Starter Set is, of course, Licca-chan herself in a wonderful plaid dress that screams Harajuku, Tokyo's street fashion capital. But the second main features are the hair curler and hair straightener that allow you to make her long hair curly – or straight or wavy or any other style you want. And there's also a brush, hair ties, and headband including for even more unique hair styling options!

Specs and Features:

  • Includes: doll (with dress, underwear, headband, and earrings), hair curler, hair straightener, crescent moon hair accessory, unicorn hair ties, cat-ears headband, heart-shaped brush, socks, shoes, stand
  • No batteries needed
  • For ages 3 years and up
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