Rainbow Curls Licca-chan Pinky Outfit

Fashionable clothes and accessories set for dress-up doll

If you're a collector of Licca-chan dolls, their outfits, and accessories, you already know about the Rainbow Curls Licca-chan. If you don't, the short version is that it's a special version of Licca-chan with extra long purple hair that comes with two hair-styling tools (a hair curler and a hair straightener) that you can use to give Licca pretty much any hairstyle you want. The Rainbow Curls Licca-chan Pinky Outfit is an extra outfit especially designed for this particular version of the doll.

The Rainbow Curls Licca-chan Pinky Outfit is a set featuring a pink tulle dress in different shades of pink and purple, a pair of purple shoes with bowed laces, a headband with a purple ribbon and lace bow, a white bag with a silver clasp, and a pair of macaron-shaped hair ties. Since the main attraction of the Rainbow Curls Licca-chan is her style-able hair, everything in this set has been carefully selected to make that look better, no matter what styling you chose to give her!

Specs and Features:

  • Includes: dress, ribbon headband, bag, shoes, macaron-shaped hair ties
  • Doll not included
  • For ages 3 years and up
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€ 36