Pokemon Jewelry Butterfree Earrings

Game/anime character personal accessories

Around since Generation I, Butterfree is both a Bug and a Flying Pokemon that is the final form of Caterpie and evolves from Metapod. If you're a Pokemon fan, you already know all that but if you're not, you'll definitely appreciate the character's butterfly looks! Cute as a real butterfly, the creature has now inspired these Pokemon Jewelry Butterfree Earrings.

The Pokemon Jewelry Butterfree Earrings are made of pewter and their dimensions are 35 x 20 mm (1.3 x 0.7"): the first is Butterfree's wingspan and the second the length of the chain from which it hangs down your ear. Beautifully detailed and colored (all the work has been done by hand, showcasing the craftsmanship of Japanese artisans), this isn't a run-of-the-mill pop-culture merchandise item but a piece of jewelry you'll keep on wearing for years!

Specs and Features:

  • Dimensions: approx. 35 x 20 mm (1.3 x 0.7")
  • Material: pewter
  • For pierced ears
  • Stand not included
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Officially licensed Pokemon merchandise
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