Otsuka Bodymainte Jelly

Lactic acid bacterium B240, whey protein sports nutrition supplement

The first thing that will catch your eye is its pouch, which makes drinking it easy even if you are running - or are stuck in a Tokyo train during rush hour! But what really counts with the Otsuka Bodymainté Jelly isn't the squeeze pouch but its contents: a powerful combination of lactic acid bacterium B240 and whey protein that, as the pseudo-French name says, provides maintenance for your body anytime you are going to do some strenuous work or exercise. What you get in any of these 100 g (3.5 oz) pouches is both a boost for our body performance but also an enhancement of your biological defense mechanisms!

Otsuka Bodymainte Jelly

The Otsuka Bodymainté Jelly comes in a six-pack of pouches that are good enough for almost a whole week of daily workouts. Its yogurt flavor also makes it delicious to drink and at 90 kcal/pouch, it's not going to show up on your bathroom scales - or your waistline! Here are the hard facts: 10 g of protein, 5 mg of vitamin B6, 10 µg of vitamin D, and 2,500 mg of amino acids in each pouch. Even if you aren't good at chemistry, after the first couple of gulps, your body will immediately tell you it understands the difference!

The Otsuka Bodymainté Jelly features:

  • Sports nutrition and body wellness supplement drinkable jelly
  • Flavor: yogurt
  • Convenient single-serve squeeze pouch
  • Contains 6 pouches
  • Weight (pouch): 100 g (3.5 oz)
  • Ingredients: sugar, whey protein (including dairy components), pineapple juice, lactic acid bacteria, amino acids, vitamin B6, vitamin D, etc.
  • Energy (pouch): 90 kcal
  • Protein (pouch): 10 g (0.35 oz)
  • Fat (pouch): 0 g
  • Carbohydrates (pouch): 13 g (0.45 oz)
  • Salt equivalent (pouch): 0.11 g (0.003 oz)
  • Vitamin B6 (pouch): 5 mg
  • Vitamin D (pouch): 10 µg
  • Amino acids (pouch): 2,500 mg
  • Lactic acid bacterium B240: 2 billion counts
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